Facebook Page Security Tips: 6 Ways To Stay Protected

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Facebook is a fantastic way to stay connected with friends, share thought-provoking articles, and grow your business. However, it also contains a wealth of user data and poses as a major target for cybercriminals. Recently, the social media giant came under fire for its involvement in the 2016 presidential election and data security breaches. Although Facebook is currently actively working to strengthen privacy and protect people’s information, its users and businesses who use the site to advertise remain wary. To combat safety concerns, we thought of six Facebook Page security tips to keep your account and business page safe from potential hackers, identity thieves, toxic users, and untrustworthy employees.

1. Double-Check Your Email

If you receive a strange email from Facebook requesting information about your password, you can easily check its legitimacy. First, check the sender’s email address to see if it comes from Facebookmail.com. Then, confirm that the message was sent to the email associated with your Facebook Page. Finally, hover over attached links to examine the URLs. If the URLs direct you to Facebook, and the email addresses are legitimate, it is safe to proceed.

2. Create Page Roles

To help manage your company’s Facebook Page and limit employee access, we suggest assigning Page roles. As the owner of your Facebook Page, you automatically become an admin. As an admin, you can assign Page roles, as well as change these roles in the future. There are currently six Page roles for Page managers: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Jobs Manager. Each role has a different number of Facebook Page managing privileges, with Admin and Editor having the most, and Analyst the least. By creating Page roles, you’ll be able to control which employees have access to specific privileges, and keep better track of fishy Facebook behavior from the inside. Learn more about how to assign Page roles here.

3. Get That Mobile Confirmation

One of our favorite Facebook Page security tips at Social Fire Media is ensuring that your account is protected by two-step authentication through mobile confirmation. Two-step authentication is a relatively new safety measure that provides an extra level of security. It commonly involves typing a six-digit passcode sent to your phone into the account that you want to access. To receive two-step authentication through mobile confirmation for Facebook, first click the down button in the top right corner of your profile, click “Settings”, and then scroll down to “Mobile” to enter your information. After entering your mobile number, go to “Security and Login” to set up set up two-factor authentication. Getting mobile confirmation is simple, and it can help you recover passwords and other account information in the future.

4. Modify Your Privacy Settings

If you click “Settings” and scroll down to “Privacy” on the left-hand sidebar, you can edit your privacy settings to add another level of Facebook security. In Privacy Settings, you can customize information such as who can see future posts, who can send friend requests, and who can look you up using your email and phone number. Thus, keeping your Facebook profile as private as possible is an easy way to elevate security and protect valuable information.


5. Ban Toxic Users From Your Page

Unfortunately, Internet trolling and Facebook spamming exists, and it’s not going away any time soon. To prevent toxic people from consistently posting spam to your Page, ban them. Banning prevents Facebook users from commenting, messaging, and liking your Page, thus protecting your Page and its fans from spam and harassment. If you do not feel like banning is necessary and simply want to delete a comment, you can achieve this by hovering over the comment, clicking on the three dots that appear to the right, and selecting “Hide Comment”. You will then be given the option to delete the comment, or ban the user.

6. Moderate Profane Content

A simple way to modify comments is through blocking words. When you block a specific word, any post or comment published on your Page will not appear. In addition to blocking words, you can also block profane content by turning on the Profanity Filter in the General Settings section of your Facebook Page. We hope these Facebook Page security tips help you and your business stay secure!

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