Facebook Cover Videos Are Here!

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Update (8/15/17): Facebook cover videos have become more reliable, however some users are still experiencing problems. Facebook has begun rolling out their next new feature, round profile pictures in the news feed, as of 8/15/17. This could create some confusion for page admins as profile pictures will begin being cropped to circles and will likely need to be adjusted. For the full story of what we know so far about the next big Facebook change check out our latest article on round profile pictures! 

Update (8/1/17): The feature seems to be universally available to all Facebook business pages now. The recommended size of a video is now 820 x 462 pixels, however it is required that videos be at least 820 x 312 pixels. There have been issues with the reliability of cover videos as some users have had their video stop working or crop to a size they do not want. Many users have been able to upload their video with no problems at all, so it seems the feature will become more reliable as time goes forward. 

Update (7/7/17): We are hearing that the vast majority of pages have the option to upload a cover video, however it is not working. There has been trouble getting the videos to play and many users are saying that when they try to upload their cover video it freezes as a thumbnail image rather than playing as a video. This is likely just a bug on Facebook’s end and will be corrected as they continue to develop the feature.

Update (6/16/17): Facebook Cover Videos are back and available to about 80% of our pages as of today! We talked to Facebook about the cover videos feature and they told us that the development team’s test is progressing well and they will continue to expand it. If you still are not seeing the feature on any of your pages, you should in the coming days and weeks. To check out an example of a cover video visit our Facebook page!


We recently talked about how engagement is Facebook’s driving factor.  Cover videos are Facebook’s latest change to allow brands to better tell their story.

What we know about Facebook cover videos

Yet again, Facebook is making a major change to the way businesses and individuals pages look. Users will soon have the option to turn their cover photo into a cover video. In recent years Facebook has really begun to focus on video content, realizing this is the way that most people prefer to consume content, with that number consistently growing. This is just the latest video feature.  Others include Facebook live, profile videos, a stronger focus on video ads, Facebook stories, among others. Below is what we know so far about the mystery that is Facebook cover videos.
Cover Videos

Facebook, in typical fashion, has not told us much about Facebook cover videos. They have begun rolling it out to select pages, with the Netflix original show Narcos being the first page that it was noticed on. Twitter user @vladcalus was the first to notice the feature just recently on April 25th. Facebook released the following official statement upon the public’s discovery of cover videos on Pages.

Official Facebook Statement:

We recently started testing the ability on desktop to upload a video as the Page cover. Once a cover video has been created, video will render when people visit the Page.

By making cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: your Page cover.

The feature is still in early testing, but we expect to roll it out more widely soon. We appreciate your patience and support while we improve on this feature to bring cover video available to you soon.

How It Will Work

Users will upload a cover video in the same way they upload a cover photo now. The suggested dimensions are also close to that of a cover photo. Facebook requires that cover videos dimensions are at least Cover Photo820 x 312 pixels, while the recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels. Cover videos can be anywhere from 20-90 seconds long and can loop in any way you want. The one we see on the Narcos page is a 6 second clip that is set to loop a few times over. The video will automatically start to play when someone visits the page, immediately drawing attention to the page cover. In the bottom right corner there is a mute/unmute option, just like in videos typically seen on Facebook. Cover videos preset to have the sound muted, so if a user wishes to hear the video they must manually turn the sound on. Cover videos will have most of the same requirements and guidelines as cover photos, but are sure to change the way users engage with Facebook pages.

Keep your eye out for cover videos on Facebook, as they will continue to be rolled out to more and more pages. Facebook has not given any plans or timeline for the new feature, but it is safe to assume that it could be a lengthy roll out. This feature came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, so we will update as more information becomes available.

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  • Mike

    How the heck does one make a video with 820 X 312 dimensions?

    • Brendan McMahon

      Hi Mike – what video editing software do you use? 820×312 doesn’t make it easy for anyone 🙂

      • Mik

        I use VideoPad which has served me well with my Logitech C920. I looked and it doesn’t have anything close to these diminisions. Since I now have this feature available on FB, maybe I’ll do some experimenting.

        • Brendan McMahon

          There’s lots of programs out there to cut custom dimensions but a good, reliable one is hard to find. I always struggle recommending programs because there are so many.

          We have a few pages that now have this option as well and have seen great results! Good luck – curious to hear how it works out for you.

          • Sofia

            I came to know about a tool called Picovico that actually works as FB cover video maker. The hassle of creating perfect fb sized video has been addressed quite well. If it can be a help then give it a try at: https://app.picovico.com

        • justin

          I uploaded a 1920×1080 and it scaled it for me automatically, i just had to move it up or dow before clicking ok. But…. I took the video down as I noticed something wrong with the edit and now it’s not giving me the option for video anymore 🙁 . I should’ve just left it as it was a minor issue 🙁 http:/facebook.com/justinkrausephotography

          • Krista

            The one I uploaded to our page this week never played properly even though it looks and plays just fine when I look at it in the Videos section. Unfortunately, our video option now seems to have disappeared, too. 🙁

          • Anthony

            Final Cut Pro works GREAT!

          • half

            thank you

        • sabbiee

          I don’t get the option to upload the video. How does it work?

          • Printable Calendar

            How the heck does one make a video with 820 X 312 dimensions?

    • Woody House

      Photoshop works fine for this …

    • Thomas

      You can use adobe after effects or premier pro but there are many other softwares

    • JP

      It will crop, too. I just uploaded a normal aspect ratio video and it allows you to position it within the frame.

      • iftawan

        Jp check my profiles out on facebook you be amazed then leave me a comment or inbox i will help you for sized which never failed me Spotlightvibes is on facebook you wont be disappointed i am even on youtube by same name

    • Henry Adams

      Use Adobe Premiere or After Effects, if you use a mac then use Final Cut. You will need to set the composition image size in advance to 820×462 (“pixel perfect”) or the minimum height 820×312. If you use any other dimensions you will get scaling issues that won’t make the video look ‘crisp’, if you’re a general user you won’t care, if you’re a professional you will.

    • Jess

      I found a template that already has the facebook dimensions.. shttps://templateslug.com/shop/after-effects-facebook-cover-video-template/

      Here it is on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LNI.LLC/

    • will

      Amazing, they make billions a year purport to hire the best and the brightest. They take this long to tell us they’ll soon to be able to add vid to the banner and we think it’s a bog deal.

  • Maria Silva

    How does this work on mobile?

    • Randy Esling

      The videos show the same on mobile as desktop. They auto play when you visit a page, however the sound does not play unless the user turns it on. The video loops once it finishes.

  • Marisa

    I’m having a hard time with this feature- I have the option to, but then when it takes me to the next step, it asks me to pick a thumbnail, then it seems to just display that thumbnail instead of playing the video. Anyone else having a hard time with this?

    • Randy Esling

      We noticed something similar to this. We were able to use a video on our page for about a month then it suddenly switched back to just an image from that video. We talked to Facebook and they said it is being worked on by their developers every day so that could change availability of the feature. That could be the reason you are seeing the option for a video but not able to actually use it.

      • Krista

        Thank you! I’ve been so bummed that our video seemed to upload perfectly, but then never appeared as an actual video. Fingers crossed that the functionality will return.

        • Head Honcho

          No worries Krista… our team had the same problem with this McDonald’s McDelivery Facebook Video Cover https://www.facebook.com/texasmcdonalds/ for little over a week… asking me to pick a thumbnail after upload. We tried to KEEP CALM then finally… last week we were about to upload a video… however, how we’re using animated gif.

      • Kseniia Semenova

        I have this problem with my pages. It works once, then it doesn’t(

  • JR Adlaon

    Hello guys, can you suggest a software that can create a 820 X 312 dimensions? Please. Thank you!

    • Randy Esling

      Hey JR! It depends on what your specific needs are and if you are looking for a free or paid service. This list has a few different video editing tools that can be used to crop to 820 x 312. https://filmora.wondershare.com/video-editing-tips/free-video-croppers.html

    • Tom

      I use Sony Vegas, set the video dimensions to 820×312, and it renders without any problems. Pretty sure most video editing programs can do the same.

    • Ian Moore

      Mine too. Has your cover video started working yet?

      • Head Honcho

        No Buenos #IANMOORE – Because we’re talking about “screen, monitor, video” which is all about ratio before pixels get involved in the equation. To create a Facebook Page cover just ensure your focal point (820 x 312) is at the center of your most eye-popping content. Facebook will not distort your video upload for your Facebook page cover; you video will be cropped top and bottom like it’s predecessor (images). You will still have the option to “reposition” just like Facebook Page cover images.

    • Woody House

      Photoshop works fine for this … then Export to Render Video …

    • Alexa Honick

      Not sure about the size but I’ve used https://clipchamp.com/ and I really like it. Unfortunately, they only give you 5 free videos.

  • Kat

    Hi, Randy! I just saw it on my page, tried to look for some random video, just to check, how it works after implementing, however the possibility to change the cover photo to video… just disappeared :/ Do you have any clue why it could happen? Thanks! 🙂

    • Randy Esling

      Hi Kat! We noticed something similar. We had a cover video up for about a month then it suddenly reverted back to just an image. Facebook told us that this could be because they are still developing it and testing things every day with the feature. Seems like that could be causing your issue too.

      • Martin

        Go to that Narcos Facebook page and then go back to your page. After these two steps video option will be available.

  • Alana

    Saw this option and when I finally have a video…. it was taken away! Is this feature no longer avliable?

    • Randy Esling

      We had the same thing happen! Facebook told us they are still developing this feature and that could change the availability of it. Everyone we have talked to that had access to the cover videos no longer does. Facebook said they did not have a precise timeline but they were actively developing it.

  • Tony G

    I see some Facebook pages already doing this. However there seems to be no “Upload Video” option, only photo options.

    • Randy Esling

      Hi Tony, we talked to Facebook about it because we had a cover video posted and it was removed from our page. They said that the development team is still actively working on it and that could affect availability of the feature. They had no timeline for when the official roll out will be or when it will be available on all pages.

  • Kenneth

    It seems I can choose a video on my company page.
    However – the format is very hard to deal with.

    Do you know of any Android apps that can resize a video? Not just crop, as the cropped area will be very small compared to the original video – but actually resize, so that the video is ‘shrinked’?

    What will happen if I upload a video in the wrong aspect ratio?

    • Randy Esling

      We had problems with the format as well. There are probably Android apps that can help with this however it might be harder on a phone and we have not tried it. If you upload a video in the wrong aspect ratio it will not show correctly on your page. It is going to take some playing around with the size and cropping of the video to get it to fit right depending on how your video is originally formatted.

      • Kenneth

        Can it be MP3?

        I have a video but in full HD.

        Will have to find a Windows tool to resize and crop it…

        • Randy Esling

          Facebook says that mp4 and MOV are preferred, but a full list of video formats that can be uploaded is below. There has been no indication that the video format guidelines will be any different for cover videos


          • Peter

            Yes! Format! it is one of the most important things when talking about videos …..

  • Jukka Kuusisto

    Is this video cover photo linked only to some accounts at this point? I am not able to use videos in cover photo and do also not see others videos, My friend does but when I tried it in his computer with same browser with my facebook-account, videos were still images and I couldn´t add videos to my pages. Or could it be somenthing in my facebook settings? Video autoplay is on.

    • Randy Esling

      Yes it is only available to some pages as of now. Facebook is still developing the feature and said they did not have a timeline for when it would become available to all pages. Some pages that had it have lost access to it and most have not had the option at all.

      • Justin Krause-Davies

        Yeh that’s where we are. It wasn’t there…then it was…I left the tab open and opened premiere to knock up a vid. uploaded it and then the option wasn’t there again…. gutted!

  • umut mumcu

    I have a cover video Visit my FAcebook


  • Kenneth

    I have tried all the suggested tools on the filmora-link without any effort. They simply cannot resize/crop a video to 820×312 format.

    I guess Facebook will have to offer this to be handled automatically by Facebook as some other user suggests

  • Super Street Network

    They rolled this out on 5 of our channels today and I got the first cover video posted. Not much traction but it’s a cool new feature. Unfortunately it’s not available on any of our channels anymore. It only lasted about 3 hours and now the video is just a jpeg and the option is no longer available on any of our properties.

  • Ira

    dont know i cant upload mine, im sure the video is big enough and the time is right but it keeps telling me its not the right size, yet it scales for other people ?

  • Paul

    I just put one up on my football team’s FB page:


    Actually it accepted an animated GIF instead of a video but the 2 main problems are that it loops infinitely (so I had to make the GIF quite long so the final image was in view for long enough for people not to get eye-ache), plus it’s not exactly mobile friendly – especially for people who have videos turned off to save on bandwidth.

    For those interested this is how I made it:

    1) I did the animation in PowerPoint then saved it as a WMV file. I was careful to start out with the background in the correct aspect ratio for 820 x 312 px
    2) In VirtualDub I cropped it to show just the image using the “null transform” filter on the Video tab, then resized it using the “resize” filter.
    3) I then saved it as an animated GIF from VirtualDub.

    My only problem with VirtualDub was in loading the WMV file – I first needed to download the WMV plugin and then needed to enable the CODEC for it in the “ffdshow VFW interface” which you can find if you have the K-Lite Codec Pack installed – it’s under “K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration” on the Windows Start Menu…. I changed WMV3/9 from “disabled” to “libavcodec”.

    VirtualDub and the K-Lite Codec pack worked wonderfully and cost nothing. I did look at (and try) the Filmora Wondershare thing, but quickly deleted it from my system – hated the huge watermark and didn’t fancy paying for something I could do for free with a much smaller program (VirtualDub).

    Hope this helps some of you. Please drop by and give us a few likes on my football team’s page.

    • Paul

      As I said in reply to another post I’ll need to put the old cover photo back soon, as too many of our visitors (esp. on mobiles) can’t see it, but here’s the direct link to the animated gif I created with PowerPoint & VirtualDub.


      It was a nice effect on the browsers I could see it in – it’ll be useful for our fundraising campaigns, I’m sure, once this feature matures.

      • Kenneth

        I managed to upload the full HD video and adjusted it within the Facebook interface.
        It still works – however not on all mobile browsers.

        Most people today uses an app on their phone, so I do not reckon this that much of an issue that I need to remove the video (and it will just show a reasonable JPG instead).

        For interested parties – here is a link to my Facebook page with cover video:

        (and this is a business page for my webshop @ http://www.authentic.dk, but I don’t suppose there should be any difference in the Facebook setup whether it is a business page for retail, webshop or other purpose).

  • Jenni

    I run about 20 facebook pages and some of them have the option, but not all.

    • Randy Esling

      We are seeing something similar, it seems around 80% of our pages have access to it. We talked to Facebook today (6/16) about it and they said that the development team is making progress and plans on continuing to expand the pages that have access to it. If some of your pages still do not have the option they should in the coming days and months.

    • Tom

      Mine has it one day, than it’s gone the next. The frustrating thing is that when the video is not playing, it just displays the selected screenshot, which isn’t that nice.
      I wish there was an option to define an image to display for when the video isn’t playing.

      But when it works on our page, it’s pretty cool 🙂
      Check it out:

  • Head Honcho

    We added a Page cover video to our roofing client’s Facebook Page (Business Template) as soon as it became available as seen here: https://www.facebook.com/pertexroofing/ It’s obvious that testing is still going on – another client’s page allowed us to upload and even posted “… added a cover video.” but the Page cover only allowed us to pick from one of 20 frames as the cover image. Our team is in total agreement with the Facebook comment, “…create more engaging interaction and drive more rich experience for your audience..” As branding professionals for small businesses, we can see how this move will help level the playing field for those who have a creative vision.

  • Diedra

    I just noticed this option today and immediately jumped on it. It is challenging to create a video that plays nicely cross all devices. I used a recent ad we created and edited the dimensions using photoshop motion. It looks great on mobile devices but on desktop it crops the height a little. I’m going to leave it alone for a bit though, after what everyone else has said about losing the function when they remove a video. https://www.facebook.com/BMRE.net/

  • Scott

    I used iMovie to create a 20 second trailer and it rendered onto one of my pages https://www.facebook.com/FaithfulMarriages without a problem. Other pages I manage offer the video option, but only defaults to an image from the video. Right now, it’s a hit and miss, but it’s wise to get your banner vids lined up when it does go live.

  • Katia

    In my case, the page allowed me to upload and post “… added a cover video.” but the page cover only allows me to pick from one of 10 frames as the cover, as mentioned above.

  • Alex

    It is now June and I still don’t have this option unfortunately.

    • Jukka

      Me neither… ;(

      • Laura

        You’re not missing anything. It doesn’t work properly. I tried to upload a video just now and when I clicked, the upload video option disappeared.

  • George

    Hey There. I saw the video button on my page but now i have lost it!
    Does anyone know how to find it again so i can load my video on my facebook cover?

  • J

    I have one and just finished the second video for one of my other business pages. I got as far as suss fully uploading it, selecting the still frame… then it vanished and became a still frame only with no option to add video again. The other pages no longer have video option now. What happened and how did uploading a video to a second page trigger it to disappear?!!

  • Loan

    I used Filmora to edit and crop the video to 820*312 but when I uploaded it, the video display not correcly.
    Finally I uploaded a 1920×1080 and it scaled it for me automatically, i just had to move it up or down before clicking next > OK.
    Here it is https://www.facebook.com/ThiepCuoiPhuQuy/

  • Chris N

    Great article. However, I have created with exact dimensions and it was playing before I clicked publish. Once it is published I can only see the thumbnail I selected and video is not playing 🙁 Any suggestions. Thanks, Chris

  • Minki Fourie

    my video uploads successfully – but when it is published it appears only as a photo and does not play. Anyone else having the same problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

    • Ian

      Yes, I have the same problem but have no idea how to fix it, sorry.

  • Brad

    Facebook told me to add a video. So I made one the exact size 820×312 thats about 30 sec. Its only 10mb in file size. But when I refresh the page it is just stuck on the thumbnail. Any way to get this thing to actually play/ loop?


    • Head Honcho

      If you visited a different Facebook page that had a functioning Facebook Cover video header, then went to your own Facebook Cover, it’s likely that your browser retained some function from the previous page — showing you the alternating “camera and video” icons… You uploaded the video, Facebook posted the video stating that you changed your Video Cover… but it doesn’t work play in your Facebook Cover video. I can only imagine this is one of many bugs being fixed. Managing several pages, I’ve seen this happen…. especially if you manage several pages… some I access to manage allow upload and proper function, while others do not.

      • Brad

        Damnit. Yeah I upload it and it previews great. Loops and works. As soon as I select my thumbnail and click “publish” it turns into just a static image of that thumbnail.

  • Giorgos

    Hello Randy,
    I am uploading a video for my Facebook page facebook.com/remgio3d but its not working. I know there is a bug that when you enter a page that has a video banner then you can upload a video at your own. But is there a possibility that the problem to the majority of the users to be that we use our personal account to upload a video and not as a business account?

    Thank you,

  • Kevin

    Use Adobe Premier – Custom Frame

  • Mayur sheth

    Can i upload gIf instead of video ?

  • Chris McCoy

    My page had it, I developed my video, uploaded it, decided I didn’t like it. Wanted to work on it a bit more, spent 10 minutes working on it refining it, went back and the feature was gone!!!!

  • Dora

    Spent the time making a test video with Premiere Pro – just a slide show for the test. Went back to my Facebook Business Page – the option to upload a video “cover” was gone. Kept reloading the page in my browser and the option finally returned.

    Uploaded the video – saw it “working”. Clicked “publish” and now all it displays is a single image (which it has saved to Photos). There is a post in my page’s feed that shows the video – but the cover for the page is definitely a photo – not a video.

  • Munisankar

    Can you let me know,what are the instructions for adding video to Facebook page cover place.

  • Jim Robertson

    I manage several pages and it allowed me to put videos up and they ran for 3 or 4 days and now they are not there. also the option to put them up again has disappeared. we spent time resizing the our videos for this and now they are gone. anyone now whats up?

  • Rachel

    I uploaded a cover video and when I publish the video, it’s just a photo and video doesn’t get played! could you help me please ? thank you

  • Pimpmytennis.com

    I just uploaded successfully a 76 seconds cover video on my Facebook page. This could help you:
    – I kept the proportions of the recommanded 820 * 312 pixels, but edited and uploaded my video in 1920 * 729 pixels, to have some kind of HD available (25 fps, .MOV, AAC sound in 256kbs).
    – I set manually a thumbnail by setting a special JPG.
    – Facebook accepted the HD (still available in the play options) but plays in SD by default
    – So far autoplay works fine in all desktop computer browsers (Mac)
    – On iOS 10 autoplay doesn’t seem to work, you have to click on the play button (could you test please on other OSes?)

    You can see the result on https://www.facebook.com/pimpmytennis

    • Pimpmytennis.com

      Aww, forgot to mention I could without any problem access the cover video in the video section.
      I was able to modify it (title, tags), share it and advertise it as a post!

  • The Mellowship Slinky

    I use Aiseesoft for video edit…i already have my video made just waiting for the next time it shows the option.

    with this software, you are able to crop to any size imagined.

    As a Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute band, this video cover will be great to have on our facebok page.

  • Tracy Reuther

    I’ve tried uploading a video that is exactly 90 seconds long and it will not upload.
    I get a message stating that the dimensions are correction, but the video duration is not.

  • Becka W

    BE CAREFUL! There’s a big glitch here. I just used an existing video from my business page’s video library as the cover video – all worked fine, got as far choosing the thumbnail, suddenly it says an error has occurred and the original video has completed disappeared from my Facebook library with all it’s views etc. It was our biggest piece of video work ever – Facebook are ‘confused’ and are looking into it. Quick google shows this isn’t the only time this has happened and there have been no resolution yet as far as I can see. Can anybody think of anything I can do?

  • The Mellowship Slinky

    Ours finally works…was easy to make using Aiseesoft and Windows Movie Maker…

  • Head Honcho

    FYI Animated Gif files work if you’re struggling with video, try using the .gif format: https://www.facebook.com/texasmcdonalds/ — although this .gif is not the recommended size (820 * 312 pixels)… it works all the same.

  • Drake

    Great post. We’ve been waiting for this feature to become available for several years. I only wish Facebook would be more transparent about the feature! A few people have the option, many do not.

  • Matthew

    19/07/2017 – after my cover video being absolutely fine for the last month (I uploaded it to their exact specs), all of a sudden it has been upscaled, cropped & offset, so it looks ridiculous. When I try the reposition option, there it is in its full, former glory. I click OK & it goes back to showing the heavily pixellated, top-left-corner-only version… come on, Facebook. How difficult can it be?

    • Cal

      Hey Matthew, I’m having the same exact issue. Any word on a solution?

    • The Mellowship Slinky

      Same here…sizing is off

    • Payton

      This just happened to ours too. SO frustrating.


    We did ours on Adobe Premiere. It allows you customize the size of your video. Check it out on our page. http://www.facebook.com/chynamanmusic

  • John

    My cover video only plays on my computer and some mobile devices, is anyone having the same issue that it only shows the thumbnail and instead of the video playing?

  • Leo

    On landing on our Facebook page, we are finding that 820px x 312px works perfect for Desktop but on mobile it appears differently. Most of our traffic comes through mobile so we want it to look perfect. The recommended cover PHOTO dimensions for optimized viewing on mobile is 640px x 360px – we tried uploading to these dimensions but were told it is too small. Anybody else having difficulty optimizing the cover VIDEO for mobile? What dimensions work best for viewing the video on landing on the page?

  • Tracy Re

    Our problem is the video length. Our video is within the 20-90 seconds, yet we are still seeing an error message stating that the video is too long. Anyone else having this same problem?

    • Head Honcho

      Tracy, that’s a new one from what I’ve heard online. Sounds like it could be a compression issue. Have you tried .mov file format? We’re actually using an animated .gif for this McDonald’s Facebook Page Cover Video @texasmcdonalds https://www.facebook.com/texasmcdonalds/ so maybe trying different file format(s) might help in your case.

      What did you use to create and save the video/format?

    • Jeff

      I had this problem when my video was exactly 90 seconds. I shaved some frames off so that it was basically 89.5 seconds and it worked. Hope this helps.

  • Jeff

    TIP FOR BETTER QUALITY: I’ve created my video at twice the frame rate (50fps instead of 25fps — use 60fps if you’re in North America)… and I also set the dimensions as 1640 x 624. That makes it DOUBLE the Facebook settings, which gives you a cleaner image on Retina display. I’ve also uploaded and tested, and it’s all working just fine, as of July 28th!


  • Irvin

    Is cover video still available?
    I had it working for a few weeks, but I believe somewhere in june it changed to a static image and I’m not able to upload a cover video anymore.

  • Digital Sashtra

    Those who are confused with dimension : Go for 1280 x 720 with keeping the text on the middle area. It fits perfect. Hope it helps guys.

    • Leo

      Does it appear fitted when you land on the page on mobile?

      • Digital Sashtra

        Yes it appears perfect both on mobile and desktop. 1280×720 with text at middle area.

  • Robert

    I uploaded a video a couple of weeks ago. It worked great for a few days, then FB removed it and took away the video option when uploading/changing cover photos. What’s up ?

  • Michael Waite

    still unable to upload video

    • Robert

      Facebook once again this morning gave the option to upload photo/ video, when I went a few minutes later to upload the video again as FB had the original video up for a few days before removing video option , but this option disappeared and now I can only download/ change photos. Rather surprised FB is having so many issues with what should be pretty straight forward. One time it allows to upload a video,,other times it does not. I hope I am not the only one with this problem,

  • carmela cattuti

    I don’t see the option to upload a video.

    • Robert

      Hi Camela, Sometimes it is there and other times it is not. Pot luck, but I am rather surprised that this service or lack of comes from FB. You woudl think FB would have tested any new product thoroughly before rolling it ou, but obviously not. I suppose we jsut have to wait and see what transpires. Communication from FB would be really appreciated, but alas……

  • carmela cattuti

    I don’t see the option to upload a video on my business page.

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  • James Eldreth

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    Hello, it is not possible to download a new Video Cover on a company page. We did tests with a file that worked before and it is no longer working.

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    The file we have respect these conditions.

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