Social Media Management: Can I Do It Myself?

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It used to be that businesses could boast an active Twitter account, Facebook page, and other social channels to stand out in the crowd as a special community that consumers could look to as an additional resource or helpline. In today’s tech-driven world, it’s a requirement, and the bar has been raised. Not only must a company be constantly churning out custom relevant content while providing 24/7 direct lines of communication to its customers, but it also must be engaging—and it must be fun. No pressure, right?

Can I do social media management myself?All companies, big and small—from realtors, to restaurants, to cable providers, and everyone in between—need an established social presence to build their brand and interact with customers online. It’s not always feasible for business owners to juggle keeping up with social media communications alongside tending to daily business operations. It can seem like a shot in the dark to know how to effectively build and connect with a following, and not to mention, it’s time-consuming. Most importantly, it takes away from where a business owner’s expertise should lie—running their business. That’s where the marketing experts come in.

Why Hire a Social Media Team?

Handling social media content and managing multiple accounts in-house can pose as a challenge simply because it means operating in a vacuum. Social media experts often work in a collaborative, team-like setting, where ideas are generated and exchanged quickly, efficiently, and strategically. These teams work together with the client’s vision in mind to achieve a common goal and to simultaneously grow both businesses. When working with smaller marketing agencies, the attention is usually even more hands-on and personable. Distributing the workload in this way, among a team of experts, makes running social media accounts more manageable and responsive, and makes for higher quality content.

In the world of social media, the workday never truly ends. All around the world, information, ideas, and current events perpetually being talked about, “liked,” and shared, and consumers are continuously making purchasing decisions. Being available, quick-to-respond, and knowledgeable when handling inquiries or concerns about a business is key. Businesses should be at the heart of the conversation, responding to feedback and getting involved with the people who matter—existing and potential customers.

Custom Graphic Design

Most of the content on successful social media platforms today is custom created. Custom graphics help to incorporate the brand’s image into all marketing efforts, creating a cohesive, distinct, and valuable brand that people can easily recognize and identify with. Branding has become increasingly crucial, especially in the world of advertising, where image is everything. Advertisers are constantly strategizing the best ways to stand out from competition, and the most effective way to achieve that differentiation is to produce custom graphics and content that add value to a company’s brand through coordinated branding efforts. Strong branding is also a solid foundation for building longtime brand loyalty and ensuring business for years to come. Agencies can also be trusted with keeping up-to-date on picture specs and file sizes for the various social platforms, giving social accounts a seamless and professional look.

Paid Reach

Businesses that try taking on social media themselves typically don’t have the experience or insight needed to successfully manage their accounts. Because of this, they assume it doesn’t work. Many business owners also believe they can make an impact using organic reach only, but that’s not the case. Organic reach is not the most efficient or profitable way to reach consumers—in fact, changing algorithms have made it more difficult than ever to reach users on their preferred platforms.

To combat this, agencies can strategize and plan ways to incorporate any ad budget to assist paid reach efforts. Putting budget behind content can help drive conversions and brand awareness, as well as allow a business to see real results by using custom performance metrics that give information on who, where, and how people are engaging with the brand.

Don’t Just Get Likes—Be Liked.

It’s not all about the numbers; businesses must strive to create lasting, worthwhile relationships with existing and potential customers. Advertising agencies excel in this field, and can help a business to expand their efforts beyond just social media growth.

Experts in the industry are able to seek out trends, as well as provide valuable insight when it comes to managing a client’s online presence. Acting on that insight and taking advantage of possible business opportunities are what generates growth and leads to long-term profit, which makes agencies invaluable. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to optimize budgets and create opportunities to connect people with a brand.

If you’re a business owner looking to boost your social media or online presence, start by reaching out to us here.

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