Responsive Ads: Why Do I Need Them?

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Diving into the world of digital marketing can feel a bit overwhelming for business owners. Getting your advertisement to reach a consumer can be difficult, especially when there are so many other businesses trying to reach the same potential consumer! How is a business, big or small, supposed to create an effective advertisement without wasting time or money? The best option is to seek the services of a digital advertising agency, such as Social Fire Media. It’s our job to be experts on the best advertising practices. One of the most effective tools we use to advertise is Google responsive ads.

What are Google Responsive Ads?

A Google Responsive ad is an ad that automatically can adjust its size, appearance, and formatting based on the device being used. This means that the ads will appear differently on a mobile device than it would on a desktop or a tablet. It can also effortlessly adapt to fit across millions of prospective placements, automatically transforming image ads into text ads to match the given space. The ads will appear across the Google Display Network once they are approved, appearing across a multitude of sites.

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How Do Responsive Ads Work?

To create different image, native, and text advertisements, Google requires the following text resources on the user’s end:

• A short headline (25 characters or fewer): the first line that will appear when your ad is in a tight space and cannot fit the long headline
• A long headline (90 characters or fewer): the first line that will appear when your ad has enough space

to show text
• A description (90 characters or fewer): adds to the headline, appears instead of the short headline in larger ads
• A business name
• A destination URL

Google also requires the following image resources in order to effectively create adaptable responsive ads:

• Landscape image (1.91:1)
• Square image (1:1)
• Logo (1:1)

Google utilizes these particular sizes because “the top five sizes… can automatically be resized to fit 95% of the available placements on the Google Display Network”.

Additional elements, such as call-to-action text, promotional text, or a price prefix can also be used to further distinguish your ad from the crowd but are not required. These set requirements allow Google to automatically generate visualizations of how the desired ad will appear on different platforms. Utilizing Google’s responsive ads has a multitude of advantages over a traditional, text-based advertisement.

Why Do I Need Responsive Ads?

One reason why Google responsive ads are extremely useful is due to their wide reach. It is not a secret that the number of mobile users has increased while the number of desktop and tablet users has remained stagnant. Google responsive ads will automatically change their formatting to be optimal for mobile devices. This will, in turn, be able to boost the number of mobile users interacting with a site. If an ad is easy to read, the target audience will be more likely to click on it.

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Additionally, Google’s responsive ads can appear on over 2 million apps and websites on the Google Display Network. According to Google, advertisers typically see “50% more conversions at a similar cost-per-acquisition when they use both responsive ads and image ads, compared to image ads alone”.

Finally, responsive ads have a higher reach than traditional text ads because responsive ads simply have more room. Google’s responsive ads can show up to three text boxes (short headline, long headline, and description) instead of two. They also show up to two 90-character descriptions instead of a single 80-character description. This gives the advertiser more keyword real estate to work within the ad copy, which means a searcher is more likely to see the ad.

The Final Verdict

Businesses both big and small have everything to gain from using Social Fire Media’s Google AdWords Management service. We are experts in cost-effectively designing, implementing, and optimizing search engine advertising campaigns while maximizing your return on investment. We are always up to date on the latest trends and tweaks, ensuring that we are creating the most effective advertisements for your business. Take your business to the next level with Social Fire Media!

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