How A Digital Advertising Agency Helped A Start-Up Gain Serious Traction

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We love dogs and cats (almost as much as we love digital marketing). In an era where videos of adorably goofy puppies and quirky cats immediately go viral on social media, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love pets. That’s why we were over the moon (and really intrigued) when a start-up company called Get Your Pet reached out to us for help with digital advertising and social media management.


The Challenge

Get Your Pet is an online pet adoption community that connects people who need to give up their pet with people looking to adopt. In an industry where barriers to entry include start-up costs, technology, and economies of scale, establishing their business model as a viable alternative to shelter surrender proved to be quite a challenge. How do you change the minds of hundreds of thousands of people, and convince them that you have a better way of doing things?

That’s exactly what we set out to do in our advertising and social media efforts. Luckily, the team at Get Your Pet already has an awesome PR firm to handle media outreach, so it was up to us to do the rest—“the rest” being tapping into the pool of potential adopters that are scattered in numerous places online, hailing from diverse geographic regions, transcending economic and social demographics, and armed with their own preferences and needs; and matching them with an equally large number of pet owners who desperately need to rehome their beloved pets—all while keeping cost per registration low and optimizing the budget. Easy, right?


How We Did It

Building and running strategic campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook is an ongoing process of research, discovery, modification, monitoring, and reporting. Adapting to and learning from trends are key to hitting performance goals and breaking records. Using our industry expertise as a Google Partner, previous experience with running profitable ad campaigns, and insight into the trends of the industry, we are able to provide expert recommendations, explore new avenues for advertising, and continually push the boundaries for the client month after month—that’s something that just isn’t possible to achieve while running your business full time.

Establishing and growing a presence on social media is especially crucial for a company whose primary operations exist solely online—so getting it “right” was a must. We knew a brand in an industry as sensitive as animal welfare had to be informative, likable, and responsive. By creating custom graphics for social media content, being highly responsive to the hundreds of comments, messages, and mentions across platforms per day, and using brand-consistent messaging to manage social media accounts, SFM was able to appeal to the target market and generate interest among pet lovers all across the country.

The Results

Thanks to many focused brainstorming sessions with the awesome team at Get Your Pet, extensive analysis and reporting, and experimentation with new ideas, we were able to generate exponential growth for the brand in terms of user registrations, adoptions, and social media presence in the company’s first year in business. Check out our case study to see how things turned out!

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