How to Avoid Facebook Ads Rejection 101

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You did it! You created the perfect ad for your client, set up your Facebook campaign then published. Time to let Facebook do its thing and optimize so you can start making money from your ads… or so you thought. For some reason, you see a red triangle next to your ad, and the delivery is ‘rejected’.

The Facebook ad review process is important to understand so that your ads don’t get rejected! When you publish your ad, it is reviewed to make sure it complies with Facebook’s Advertising Policies. Facebook reviews your ad’s images, text, targeting, positioning, and content on your ad’s landing page. 


Why Is My Facebook Ad Rejected?

There’s two reasons your Facebook ad could be rejected:

  1. It was rejected by a bot or because it appeared to not comply with Facebook’s policies
  2. It was rejected because it did not comply with Facebook’s policies

If your ad is rejected or not approved for not fully complying with Facebook’s policies, you can edit it and resubmit for review. To edit your ad:

  • First, check your email. Facebook will send an email to explain why your ad was rejected.  You can also go to the ad within your ad account to view the reason it was not approved.  If you believe it was disapproved by mistake you can request a review.
  • After learning exactly what part of your ad is disapproved, edit your ad and create a compliant one.
  • Save your edited changes. Once you save your changes, your ad will be resubmitted for review.

This process may seem simple but there are also things you can test to drive the best results to avoid rejection. 


How To Avoid Rejected Ads

Something to consider is Split Testing. Split Testing allows you to create multiple ad sets or ads and test them against each other to determine which strategies will perform best. 

Creating several versions of the same ad provides you with backups if any of your ads get rejected or get caught up in a long review period. We saw this happen over Black Friday with a client of ours. We were given 5 images to run on Facebook and once we set them up correctly, one of them got rejected. Good thing we had 4 more images to run with that performed great! 

Split Testing plays a crucial role in your paid social ad strategy. Having multiple versions of one ad within an ad set will help with the approval process. This process also allows you to get creative and test some new ideas to see what will drive the best results for the client. Sometimes the most unique ad or targeting will surprise you with great results! You never know until you test so have fun with testing different ideas in the image/video, ad copy, or a different audience.


How Long Is Ad Approval Time?

Of course, there are factors that can affect your ad approval time. One of these factors is your Facebook Ad Account History. Have you been advertising for a while, spent a lot of money, and barely come across rejected ads? Then you probably shouldn’t worry and your ad could be overturned quicker than accounts with a lot less spend. 

Another thing that could speed up the approval process is the domain your ad is driving traffic to. If you have driven traffic to this site many times before then the review time could be a lot shorter than a completely new domain. Keywords and images are often the biggest triggers for rejection in ads so make sure to check with Facebook’s policies to see what exactly is prohibited. The full list of prohibited and restricted content is listed here:

Sometimes ads get rejected that we believe follow Facebook’s guidelines yet they are still getting rejected. After checking and reviewing the ad and the landing page to make sure everything seems good, sometimes we do not have time to submit and wait for another review which could take up to 24-48 hours. This is when the Facebook Business Help Center comes in handy. 


Use The Facebook Business Help Center

Facebook Business Help Center provides guidance and answers for a lot of general issues people often encounter on Facebook. In order to chat with a Facebook Support Representative, you need to have an active ad account that has had ad spend billed to the account. Once you get in contact with a Facebook representative, you can let them know your issue and they are always happy to help and try to resolve the issue. 


If the issue can be resolved and your ad complies with Facebook’s policies, they can overturn the rejection and approve! If your campaign and ad set are live, your ad would then go live as well. Now it’s time for the fun and see the ad start spending & results start coming in! 


Need assistance with your ad or have other questions?

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