Online pet adoption service gains massive registrations in first year

pet adoption service case study

Social and digital strategy garner thousands of successful adoptions for pet adoption site

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pet adoption service case study

In just one year, online pet adoption community Get Your Pet saw an increase in traffic, user registrations, adoptions, and revenues by over 1,000%. For a startup company with a lot to prove, making waves in the pet adoption industry was no easy feat. While much of the company’s success should be attributed to Get Your Pet’s operations team – Angela Marcus, Jeff Tucker, and Brian Eriksen – Get Your Pet’s brand needed a focused, local digital agency to handle their social media and digital advertising in order to successfully scale to a national level.

Get Your Pet works to rehome pets so that they go from one good home to another, an effort which saves thousands, and potentially millions, of lives by keeping pets out of shelters. Their more humane solution to pet adoption has caught on in a big way – making headlines in major media sources all across the country, appearing on 6ABC, NBC10, CNBC’s Mad Money, FOX 29, and more. Social Fire Media coordinated the PR efforts of Denise St. Jean of Crumpet’s Corner, with a strong social media presence and intensive digital advertising in order to keep the momentum and generate traffic to the site during critical times.

Thanks to a dynamic social media strategy, driving engagement and encouraging viral shares of media coverage, the pet adoption community regularly sees social engagement in the tens of thousands per post. Social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all seen exponential growth in likes, follows, reach, impressions, and engagement.

Digital advertising efforts via Google AdWords and Facebook advertising has led to a 20% growth month after month consistently. Thanks to continual testing and optimization, SFM has worked to drive thousands of adopter and guardian registrations, helping the company to see over 1,400 successful pet adoptions to date. In-depth data analysis and reporting are key to identifying trends and making expert recommendations to lower cost per conversion and increase purchases.  KPIs included cost per registration and adoptions.

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Social Fire Media also creates custom graphic design for social content, ad creatives, and website images, which are strategically aligned with the brand and the messages it promotes. Custom graphics are key to strengthening the brand, adding visual interest to social media posts, and creating a consistent and eye-catching presence in the Google Display Network and Facebook ads, which help to drive conversions and revenue.  Learn more about Get Your Pet by visiting their Facebook page.

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