Choosing Which Social Media Works Best For Your Company

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The use of social media outlets as a means of advertising, promoting or marketing a business, service or product has become increasingly popular during the technology revolution of Internet interface.  Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest (to only name a few) provide a foundation for the public to express their feelings, desires, interests, and needs to the masses.  The use of this same foundation to inspire, inform and update the public has proven beneficial to business owners as well.  Ideas and feelings are shared at lightening speeds providing the instant gratification that has become an evident part of the human psyche.  Businesses are able to spread important news about their company or advertise new products over varying geographies to varying demographics for a lower cost than traditional methods with faster results.   The hypothetical intended use of social media can have an estimated delivery range of your current city’s limits.  Once your post or tweet is pushed out into cyber space there is no limit to who is able to view, comment or repost.

Although there are several benefits to the use of social media sites as marketing strategies, there are also several drawbacks.  Not all social media sites work well for all types of businesses.  For instance, the use of Pinterest and Instagram will work wonders for any type of businessperson with a product to sell, showcase and exhibit.  Sites such as these are photography based and expression is inspired through the relationship of the photograph to what the owner/business person wants you to know.  Up and coming fashion designers, makeup artist and other photo-friendly careers make definite use of these types of sites because they utilize imagery as a way of expression.

In contrast, writers, professionals and other linguistic career paths may make greater use of social media sites and blogs where the power of words are the chosen weapon of expression.   Sites such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter fit this profile.   LinkedIn is the overall epitome of professional business networking sites, hosting platforms beneficial to all industries.  LinkedIn’s networking capabilities allow individuals and companies to first showcase their abilities and achievements then network with other companies and individuals who share similar interests.  This networking provides companies with the potential client base they seek, possible employment candidates that fit their criteria, and relationships with other companies whose affiliation may ultimately benefit them in the long run.

In addition to a business ensuring that they choose a site that is effective for their industry, businesses should also ensure they are actively participating on the social sites.   The only thing worse than refusing to conform to the social age, is creating a following, whether on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and not feeding your audience with content.  In addition to content, the social media manager should ensure they are engaging with the audience which creates a long term relationship built on referrals and the spreading of your company’s positive perspective and information, services and products.  When you build an audience but neglect to keep the social realm updated, the audience participation will drop as well as the desire for prospective followers to join your team.

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