How To Use Instagram As A Business

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If your brand had a phone, what pictures would be in its photo album? With Instagram, not only can you share personal photos with your friends, but your brand can share its story too.  This social media platform allows businesses large and small to post captivating imagery that shows the world just how unique your business truly is. With over 300 million engaged users, your business can reach your most loyal customers as well as potential ones with the right hashtags. Immerse your audience in a visual experience with high quality and creative content.  How can your business use Instagram?  Here’s  four tips to branding your business through pure photography:

Bryn and Danes Instagram1. Share your Story
Instagram is your platform for visual storytelling.  Start by choosing an overall theme for your profile by using brand visuals such as your logo or brand colors.  This theme will allow each of the photos you post to be relative and cohesive to your brand.

Think about what story lines will best convey what your business stands for through captivating imagery. Does your brand take pride in loyalty? Community? Customers? Get creative and personal. A dog is a man’s best friend, right? Post a picture of your product with a dog and a pet lover.  Be diverse in your posts’ content including both inanimate objects and people. Mix it up. If you are a small business be sure to highlight all aspects of your business in creative ways, including local scenery and community photos. Do not always post the same style, but remain consistent with your theme over time.

Instagram is all about photos, so let the quality of your pictures do the selling.  Why do you love your brand? Why do others love your brand? Post content that shines the best light on your brand to grab the attention of your audience. Have images of your product being used and enjoyed in creative ways. You can immerse your audience in a visual experience that will have them wanting to be a part of your brand and its story. Keep your captions short and sweet. Incorporate relative hashtags to gain a larger reach. Ask questions and have a call to action.  Don’t try to openly sell your product.

3. Don’t Be All Business
Find your balance. Think of your Instagram profile picture as a family album. Do not be afraid to get personal. Bryn and Danes InstagramRemember your theme and share content that is relevant to your audience. Align images with the interests of your target customers. Capture moments that are interesting to both your brand and your audience. Share your company culture by showing behind the scene images. Help make them apart of your story through a visual experience. Post pictures of everyday users with your products. Instagram is another channel for you to build a relationship.

4. Be A Part of Other’s Stories  
A large part of Instagram is creating your own content, but getting involved in others as well.  Utilize trending hashtags, but don’t beat them to death. Find what others are talking about and become part of the conversation. If it is relevant to your marketing strategy, post images of your brand with your own hashtag.  Are people talking about your brand? Share the love and engage with your customers; like their pictures and show them your appreciation. If the picture is exceptional, repost it from your account.  Ask questions and look for feedback. Think of your followers as your business’ closest family and friends. You want to be involved just as much as you want to.

What visual experience will you immerse your followers in?

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