How to Find the Right Google AdWords Partner For Your Business

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Google has recently added some new features to their Google Partner program that allows agencies to better illustrate their skillset to a company searching for a Google Partner. Traditionally, a company searching for a Google Partner to advertise with would only be able to see whether or not the agency had users who were Google AdWords or Google Analytics certified. This gives a very basic view of the agency’s skill set and does not allow the searching company to truly get the most out of their Google Partner experience. What many companies searching for Google Partners don’t realize is that there are 5 different concentrations of Google AdWords; Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile advertising. These platforms are very different from one another and have varying models for sustained success. If a company knows the specific aspects of AdWords they will be using the most they can now find an agency who is more experienced in that.

In order for agencies to be considered specialized in different areas of Google AdWords they must meet a few requirements.

  • The first being that at least 1 individual is certified in that area of AdWords. This means that in order for an agency to specialize in Search advertising, at least one individual associated with that agency must be actively certified in Search advertising.
  • Agencies must demonstrate expertise in that area. This is a product of a number of different factors that Google takes into account such as usage growth in that specific area of AdWords and how well clients are retained month over month in that area.
  • An agency must be active in that specific area of AdWords for the last 12 months
  • The company must have a 90-day spend of $10,000 specifically in that area

These rigorous requirements make it so an agency must be very knowledgeable and experienced in order to specialize in different concentrations of AdWords. Agencies with specializations have dealt extensively in that area of AdWords and Google has recognized their success in it.

Search Advertising

Search advertising is the most prominent area in Google AdWords. Agencies who are granted specialization in Search advertising have shown their ability to excel in the most competitive area of Google AdWords. A successful search campaign requires careful consideration of historical data in order to optimize the campaign and get the best possible results for the client.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a challenging specialization within Google AdWords. It is different in the sense that the ads are primarily images. This requires a unique skill set to truly get the most out of the money a client spends. Agencies must be apt in graphic design as well as all the aspects of managing AdWords campaigns. Targeting is much more challenging in Display advertising because there are a wide variety of options. A campaign can be set to target people with certain interests, previous customers, certain websites, demographics, geographic location, language, and more.

Video Advertising

Video advertising requires agencies to know an entirely different skill set and terminology in order to succeed in that area. Agencies that specialize in video advertising must know how to advertise on YouTube and how to interpret YouTube and video analytics. They must understand how to manipulate videos in order to show the best portions to viewers at the right time to encourage engagement.

Shopping Advertising

Shopping campaigns are a challenge to run because they are so different than the rest of Google AdWords. Shopping ads do not show based on selected keywords, but rather product data pulled from the Google Merchant Center. An agency must know to use Google Merchant Center and understand its relationship with Google AdWords.

Mobile Advertising

Being omnipresent in a customer’s life is becoming more and more valuable. If a company is able to reach a consumer at the right time on their mobile device the odds of a desirable engagement sky rocket. Mobile advertising is one the fastest growing areas in Google AdWords and is also one of the hardest to manage. The bidding strategies and best practices for mobile are completely different than they are for desktop. Ads that are traditionally appealing on desktop may not be so on mobile where they are shown in different formats. Managing the relationship of mobile and desktop advertising is a challenging but very important job for Google Partners.

App Advertising

Although app advertising does not have its own specialization, it is an important part of the Google AdWords umbrella. Companies can now run ads specifically to encourage downloads and drive traffic to their app. App advertising falls under the mobile advertising specialization, so agencies hoping to specialize in mobile must be knowledgeable in app advertising as well.

SFM Google Partner BadgeHow Social Fire Media Stacks Up

Social Fire Media prides itself in being a full service Philadelphia Google Partner. Every employee of Social Fire Media is certified in every aspect of Google AdWords. We have executed successful campaigns in every area of AdWords. SFM has already been awarded 3 of these newly released specializations in Search, Display, and Mobile advertising. Social Fire Media considers all 5 Google AdWords concentrations when developing a digital marketing plan for a client in order to optimize the client’s campaigns.

Our Team’s Skills

Matt Davidson: Certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile advertising. 10+ years’ experience of Google AdWords management expertise with campaigns for clients of all industries and sizes.

Brendan McMahon: Certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile advertising as well as Google Analytics. Graphic design expert. Extensive experience with video advertising.

Nick Bloomer: Certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile advertising as well as Google Analytics. Graphic design expert.

Randy Esling: Certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile advertising as well as Google Analytics.

Emily DiGrazio: Certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Mobile advertising as well as Google Analytics. Graphic design expert.

Why We Succeed

Social Fire Media’s success in all aspects of Google AdWords management is not by accident. We have shown growth in all areas of AdWords and have strong retention rates as our clients see continued success. All of our campaigns are closely monitored by our experienced team so we can improve results daily. We conduct frequent A/B tests and closely monitor keywords to make sure that all aspects of each campaign are running as efficiently as possible. The continued success of our clients all comes back to our thoroughness and attention to detail which has solidified us as one of the most highly regarded Google Partners in the Philadelphia area.

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