Custom Graphic Design: Why Do I Need It?

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Custom graphic design is a powerful tool that helps businesses large and small to connect with consumers. Not only can it make a business stand out from competitors, but it has the power to influence the purchase decision and create a loyal following. There are a number of reasons a company would want to add custom graphics to their arsenal of brand assets. Here are five of them.

Generate interest

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With millions of people scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds at any given moment, it can be hard for any one brand to stand out above the rest. An eye-catching or intriguing visual helps to break through the clutter and get your brand noticed. If they haven’t heard of your company before, you’ve got their attention now—and those few, fleeting seconds has become an extremely valuable thing.

It’s not just speculation—it’s science! Visual content on Facebook, for example, has been shown to garner more engagement, comments, and shares, and is even more likely to be remembered than written content.

Inform people about your business

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A great custom graphic is more than just a pretty picture—it also functions as an effective means of communication. Each business has unique needs when it comes to the types of content they provide their audience, and graphic design can help to convey an important message. For example, a marketing company might want to provide detailed infographics about their services, while a local dentist office might want to send out a notice about a change in office hours. In any case, getting customers to notice and care about your message is essential to running your business.

Influence the purchasing decision

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It’s not something we typically attribute to lead gen, sales, or even brand loyalty, but graphic design has the power to influence people to buy (or not to buy) a product, service, or brand. Design impacts consumers during every step of the purchase decision, from awareness to adoption. Whether telling a compelling story through branded graphics, or designing an ad to drive conversions, consumers are influenced by what they see. The use of color psychology, for example, has been a trusted method of evoking certain emotions or buying behaviors for years.

Not to mention, a good custom graphic can hugely impact the success of your marketing or advertising efforts. When it comes to advertising, crafting the perfect headline, ad copy, budget, and targeting is just the beginning. Creative, on-brand imagery helps to sell a product or service, and serves as that crucial first point of contact in virtually every brand communication.

Build a relationship with customers

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As mentioned in a previous blog, it’s become increasingly important for brands to build meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers. The foundation of such a relationship begins with brand recognition—can consumers identify the brand without seeing the “name” attached to it? Does the brand have a distinct personality? Is it genuine, trustworthy, and likable?

These are questions any successful business owner should be able to answer confidently. Achieve brand recognition, and you’ll have unlocked much more than just a sense of visual familiarity—Enhanced credibility, increased purchase frequency, larger order volume, and lasting brand loyalty are all compelling reasons to invest in your brand’s visual identity.

Create a loyal following

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Using branded visual imagery across the web, social media channels, marketing materials, and other brand communications can aid in consumers’ ability to recall and build positive associations with a brand. Consistency in visual elements across brand communications also helps to gain trust from consumers.

Around 59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from brands that are familiar to them. –Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation Survey

Also worth mentioning: One of the best things about custom graphics is that they’re, well, custom. Templated graphics give little to no room for unique or flexible messaging options, and often sacrifice quality or “brand-ability” in the name of budget. Working with an agency can ensure you get custom, high quality, branded graphics suited for your unique needs–which is an invaluable asset to your company.

Final Thoughts

Custom graphics aren’t just pretty pictures; they have the power to convey a brand message, inform people about your company, and build a lasting relationship with potential customers-turned-brand advocates. Making strategic use of custom graphic design is a powerful way to add value to your company, and aids advertisers in their ability to connect with customers and nurture the relationship for years to come. Need to step up your game? Contact Social Fire Media for all of your graphic design needs.

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