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If you’re getting a brand new website or a website redesign from Social Fire Media, then we’ll already be taking care of all of the basic SEO you need to get your fair share of traffic. But if not, chances are you desperately need an SEO company to ensure your website is searchable and visible to people who are looking for you or someone who offers your goods or services.

When someone searches for something online, being on the first page is most crucial.

You are probably losing out on business. Don’t take any chances by overlooking the power of what SEO companies can do for your business.  Let us figure out what strategies work best!

Search Rankings

White Hat SEO Practices

Social Fire Media never uses black hat SEO tactics that bring on harsh penalties. We always follow the published Google Webmaster guidelines that state the proper usage of SEO strategies and warn against “tricking” the search engines. People commonly believe that by loading up their site with keywords and manipulative or duplicate links, they can exploit the way search engines prioritize their site. The truth is, a good SEO company knows it is more than just keywords and tags—it’s also about bolstering your online presence by creating engaging and relevant content that gets people talking about your site.

While there are no magical solutions to Search Engine Optimization that guarantee great results, we think we’ve nailed down the best ways to maximize the relevant and profitable traffic that your website should be getting.  In short, Google said it best “Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.”

Organic Search Results

SEO Strategy and Analysis

Our team of SEO experts will do a thorough investigation of your website structure, backlinks, load speed, and much more. We’ll determine the best plan of attack that will increase your organic search engine rankings and avoid manual ranking penalties. Not only that, but we’ll also aim for a positive ROI that makes this all the more worth it.

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