A Beginners Guide To Advertising On Twitter

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In a world caught in a digital frenzy, marketing can happen anywhere at any time. A mixture of agile and modern advertising methods allows businesses to reach and engage existing and new customers conveniently at their fingertips. Many businesses are asking is where are customers spending their time digitally?  With 284 million active users, promoting your company and brand is easier than ever before. However, among the 500 million tweets each day, your message can also get easily lost in the clutter.

Choose A Twitter CampaignTwitter offers businesses the ability to achieve their marketing goals. Through several easy-to-choose options such as objective-based campaigns and promoted tweets, businesses can connect with people at the most optimal times.

1. Objective-based campaigns

The first step to any advertising campaign is defining a specific and measurable goal. What is your business trying to accomplish? Twitter Advertising offers five objective-based campaigns that can help you achieve your marketing goal.

  • Tweet engagements: Feel like your chirp isn’t engaging your followers? Reach more people and spark conversation to build relationships.
  • Website clicks or conversions: Traffic not flying in? Drive a specific and qualified audience to your website so customers can make purchases, sign up for emails, or make calls to your business.
  • Followers: More followers mean more opportunities for customers to share your content, make purchases, or share with all of their followers their positive experiences.  Better yet, attract the type of follower you’re looking to engage.
  • App installs or engagements: The early bird gets the worm right? Let people download and open your mobile app right from a tweet.
  • Leads on Twitter: Potential customers are nesting everywhere so be sure be sure to obtain their contact information so you can follow up on them.

Twitter Statistics

2. Promoted Tweets

How do you influence and leave a mark on your customers? How do you know they are engaging with your content? With Twitter’s promoted tweets, businesses can interact with users to start building relationships with potential customers and have visibility into those insights. These tweets show up in the twitter feed of your specified audience so your business can start having meaningful engagements with more people.

  • Get potential customers hooked by writing content that is interesting and add a picture! Tweet about an upcoming promotion, an interesting fact about your company, or anything that will grab the attention of a user.
  • Once you launch your campaign, your promoted tweet will appear in the Twitter feeds of the users you’ve targeted.

Promoted Tweets

3. Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends TwitterGet people talking about you and get people talking about you fast! Promoted tweets appear at the top of the trend list for 24 hours. One hashtag can be the answer to all your marketing goals! This Twitter advertising tool can create:

  • Mass awareness
  • Conversations
  • Buzz


4. Targeting Options

One of the main points of advertising is attracting potential customers to your business. People who are not interested in your business won’t be interested in your tweet either. Twitter has targeting options so your tweet appears only to the audience you choose!

Twitter TargetingYou can target your audience based on:

  • Interests: Choose from a selection of categories.
  • Keywords: What are people searching, tweeting, engaging with?
  • Followers: Who is everyone else following?
  • Television: What are peopling watching?

Tailor your tweets by:

  • Geography and language
  • Device
  • Gender

Advertising on Twitter is all about trial and error. Be patient and try raising and lowering your budgets and bids to find what best suits your needs. Keeping an active eye on Twitter Analytics as this will help you see what campaigns are working the best and the ones that aren’t performing well. The longer and more you tweet using Twitter Advertising, the more data you will create to make better decisions in the long run. Twitter Analytics will help you optimize your advertising so that you are making the most of the money spent.

Advertising on social media is becoming the new social norm. You never know which of the 284 million active users are waiting for you to reach out to them! Be the early bird and get the worm!

What has your experience been advertising on Twitter?

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