Virtually Adapting to Stay in Business

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Businesses of all industries are being affected by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Here are examples and tips we have found that can help you and your business during these times. 


On top of trying to stay healthy and practicing safe social distancing, millions of people are facing the new challenge of working from home and staying connected. It’s a big change for individuals let alone businesses, but sometimes we forget how fortunate we are to live in such a digital world. From one-on-one video calls to video meetings with up to 1,000 participants, we can easily stay connected and adapt to the changing circumstances. We’re inspired by companies that are adapting – finding new ways to become virtual and utilizing videos to make the most of this seemingly perpetual situation. 


Virtual Meetings to keep business humming

With even more people online than ever before, Apartments Seldom Scene needed to figure out how to keep operating. Apartments Seldom Scene offers unique and luxurious apartment home communities ideally located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Each apartment community has leasing offices that any potential resident can come and schedule a tour. But with the physical leasing offices being temporarily closed, how could they show people the available apartments? Apartments Seldom Scene is allowing potential residents to schedule virtual leasing tours of models and available apartments. This still gives people the opportunity to find the right home for them, at the appropriate, CDC recommended, distance. 

Another issue that is becoming more common is the cancellation of events due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, Microsoft hosts many educational events, from large conferences to small seminars, in different cities throughout the year. In fact, three of Microsoft’s annual events are approaching within the next few months. But with government officials canceling events for the public’s safety, what is Microsoft and the long list of participants supposed to do? They convert to an all-digital format. Like Apartments Seldom Scene, they’re adapting to the current events by developing their new digital event experience for meetings and conferences. 

If you rely heavily on in-person meetings, we encourage you to follow in the footsteps of Apartments Seldom Scene, who is now able to effectively stay in business. Don’t postpone the opportunity to further your business. Instead, utilize the available tools and try virtual meetings. Many companies have employees working from home, even us [Social Fire Media], and we have found video chatting to be extremely helpful.

We suggest FaceTimeZoom, or Skype


Free Services and Samples

Planet Fitness, as well as other fitness centers, have closed their doors until further notice. This has disrupted many people’s daily routines. It may seem obvious, but most people go to a gym because they don’t have a gym or equipment at home. Some even seek help on how to properly exercise. But, Planet Fitness might have cracked the code to becoming virtual: They take it to Facebook Live and stream in real-time, at-home workouts that do not require any equipment. Planet Fitness is keeping customers happy by allowing them to stick to their routine, so that when life is back to “normal,” everyone can go back to business as per usual. In addition to live streaming work-outs, other gyms are adapting in ways to acquire new customers and keep you active. For example, Orange Theory is sending their members in-studio workouts that are modified to be performed at home and Peloton is offering their users a 90-day free trial for their app to make working out at home easier. And many other fitness trainers and yoga instructors have done the same. Now we really have no excuse to not exercise!

Try it out yourself: Planet Fitness, Orange Theory, Peloton


Another way businesses are giving us a taste of their services is through YouTube. YouTube has created “Stay Home #WithMe,” a channel of different playlists for creators to continue sharing their content and for the not-so-creative people to continue to learn new things, stay active and be entertained. One playlist is called “Cook With Me” and there are videos by fifteen different creators showing you different recipes and cooking tips – some for vegans, some for frugal moms, and the list goes on. In addition to Cook With Me, there is Plant With Me, Clean With Me, Craft With Me, Mediate With Me, and many more.

What YouTube and the fitness centers, previously mentioned, have in common is this – they are giving a free sample of their services to the public. This will keep you at the top of people’s mind and you will have a high chance of acquiring new customers after the quarantine.

Our country is going through an unprecedented period of turmoil due to the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, some businesses such as eat-in restaurants and retail stores have had no other option but to temporarily shut down, laying off hundreds of thousands of workers. “Stay at home” orders are causing millions of other people to work from home. Businesses need to adapt quickly in order to survive and thrive. By giving away free services and embracing the digital world we live in, you may be able to keep your clients happy and help drive word of mouth referrals. You might even be able to keep your business open through the use of virtual meetings and video tours, like Apartments Seldom Scene. Get creative, stay safe and healthy by washing your hands often and social distancing, and feel free to share your experience and ideas in the comments below.

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