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video ad case study 

Facebook continues to dominate social media advertising as SFM advertised for a cooking product.  In addition to drastic Facebook advertising increases in the past year, the cooking product industry is expected to reach 58 billion by 2024 leaving lots of room for demand and sales potential online.

Leading up to 2016, traditional TV advertisement has always been the path to success for inventive products to get a product to market.  From an impression/viewership perspective, TV media buys have traditionally driven success as the main video content outlet as TV commonly owned all video advertising spend as the only outlet prior to paid channels such as YouTube, native advertising within news articles and now Facebook videos.  Facebook has changed this view as its user base views 100 million hours of video content per day shifting the TV advertising industry which now includes online video ads as an essential part of their campaign efforts.

In addition to the amount of video content viewed on Facebook each day, its targeting differs by the way likely buyers to get more targeted, leaving TV as the old standby as a shift to online video marketing continues to grow year-over year.  This created the perfect scenario for a kitchen tool that, with the help of Facebook video, reached 109 million impressions.  The results were based on nationally targeted audience where not only did the product explode out of the traditional old TV demos, but more impressions were able to reach likely buyers and target a lower conversion cost with a phenomenal ROAS (return on ad spend).

Our experience with this product by itself is a game-changer that defines our standards for video ads.  With Facebook advertising dollars spent up to 20K per day at its peak, ROAS goals remained in tact and proved highly profitable for our client.

The secret?  Advertising in a medium where not only is there demand, but the ad creatives reach highly targeted users likely to purchase.  The virility of Facebook helped increase ROI and push spend harder as it helped feed the bottom line results.  While direct return on spend helped fuel the push for hundreds of sales per day, the viral effect helped sustain continued advertising efforts as performance dipped due to ad fatigue and market saturation.  

Overall,  Facebook returned over 4 million in sales and we were able to adjust our efforts on creatives and custom targeting to continue to propel its sales even through slower sales periods throughout 2016.

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