Apartment group sees 6% rise in occupancy in the first 12 months

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Driving higher profits by shifting budgets from print to online

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the challenge

Apartments Seldom Scene builds the highest quality luxury apartments, in locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their amenities stand out among the competition, however, they understood that a high quality product is nothing unless the right people see it.

In order to fill occupancy, apartment communities traditionally relied on print-based advertising such as newspaper advertising and apartment guide books. There is value in standing out among the competition in print, and this method had performed well by buying additional pages, however a cohesive online strategy is now required to stay relevant to apartment hunters.

As far back as 2007, Apartments Seldom Scene realized print started dying and there was a real need to move their advertising budget online to stay ahead in the extremely competitive multi-family industry, and to continue to stand out.

While cutting their print advertising budgets, and reinvesting a portion of their print savings towards increasing their ILS (Internet Listing Service) page rankings, a portion was allocated to Google AdWords to gain additional exposure to their younger and more digital savvy audience. Social Fire Media came into the picture and revamped their efforts from scratch. With complex AdWords campaigns built from the ground up, digital advertising generated savings through lower management fees, and a corresponding drop in the cost per lead.

To complement their online strategy, Social Fire Media re-built their apartment community websites using the WordPress platform with a focus on responsive design and optimization for search engines. With landing pages, clear features and mobile-friendly design Apartments Seldom Scene’s social media presence was established to benefit their current residents, and to attract future residents.

the results

As a competitor in the A-class apartment realm, Apartments Seldom Scene was ripe with amenities and luxurious upgrades to entice their clientele, however this needed to be portrayed online to complement their brand. The online rebranding efforts boosted their occupancy by 6% in its first year and Social Fire Media has since helped expand their operations and copy a proven process to continue growth for the family of communities.

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  • The company I work for has used them for all of our online marketing including web design. I recommend them to businesses without hesitation and I know that they have exceeded the expectations of those who use them.

    Victoria Turner
    Victoria Turner Apartments Seldom Scene
  • Social Fire Media have literally helped us to "change the game" for Waffatopia. We were in need of a significant change to our e-commerce site due to a spot on the Food Network showcasing Waffatopia's waffles.

    Brian Polizzi
    Brian Polizzi Waffatopia
  • Social Fire Media literally saved my business from oblivion. We not only put away our going out of business sign, but are now opening new locations.

    Larry Goodman
    Larry Goodman Creation Station

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