Meet Our Newest Digital Advertising Associate, Lara Garzilli!

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As a fast-growing digital agency in today’s world, if you’re not a little scared of your goals, you’re doing something wrong. Constant growth and improvement is essential for any business that wants to succeed – even if that growth means hours of sifting through resumes to find one that stands apart from the rest. That’s exactly how the team at SFM spent the last few weeks of summer (well, in between some much-deserved time at the beach with our families). But the hunt for the best candidate finally paid off, and yesterday, we welcomed aboard a new Digital Advertising Associate, Lara Garzilli!

Lara is a recent graduate of James Madison University, where she studied media arts and design, with a concentration in interactive design and a minor in creative writing. (That’s a long-winded way of saying she rocks.) While her passion is in design, she also loves protecting the planet, eating obscene amounts of pasta, riding the emotional roller coaster of being a NY Rangers fan, and celebrating her inner child through the magic of Harry Potter and the imagination of Pixar. And, she brings to the table an exceptionally cool skill set – user experience and user interface design.

“My favorite thing about the design world is that it is ever-changing,” said Lara. “There is always more to learn and explore, so I am extremely excited about tackling new skill sets and mastering them with the guidance of the SFM team.”

Lara has already jumped head-first into the world of digital marketing, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do for our clients! As for our other goals? Earning even more five-star reviews is always a plus: check out our testimonials on Facebook and Google.

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