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AdWords brings high ROI for Philly law firm

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AdWords case study 

Grace & Lenti, a law firm focused on family law and civil cases, decided they needed to make a big change in their advertising; Growth had stagnated and advertising strategy was left to a large brand advertiser business that wasn’t delivering enough leads for the high fees for underperforming ads.

Social Fire Media got the process going by analyzing their AdWords campaigns, and quickly found that many aspects of the campaign and ad group structure were deficient. In addition, many of the keywords were too broad, the geo-targeting wasn’t correct, and the proper ad extensions weren’t being utilized. In summary, there was a lot of room for improvements.
Part of analyzing each new client requires looking at the big picture. G&L’s website was outdated and not built for today’s mobile user. This is one of the biggest reasons to update web design, otherwise a non-optimized site will not convert and money is wasted. After a website relaunch, G&L’s brand new and fully responsive website with pages for each practice area, was optimized for both organic and paid search.

With our AdWords expertise, G&L began to put substantial budget towards advertising and continued to see more high quality leads come through the door. They are now able to attribute 70-80% of their leads from Google, and recently added another attorney to the roster!

the takeaway

AdWords works when set up properly by a Google Certified Partner.  Often times high management fees from large advertising firms cover unused software, custom portals and overpriced landing pages.  To hit a proper ROI with advertising dollars, its key to keep the entire picture in check, including website costs, advertising dollars and a timeline for the overall plan to get the business of the ground and started on advertising.  Once the parts are all in place, AdWords can work very effectively and a knowledgeable agency can add tremendous growth.

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  • The company I work for has used them for all of our online marketing including web design. I recommend them to businesses without hesitation and I know that they have exceeded the expectations of those who use them.

    Victoria Turner
    Victoria Turner Apartments Seldom Scene
  • Social Fire Media have literally helped us to "change the game" for Waffatopia. We were in need of a significant change to our e-commerce site due to a spot on the Food Network showcasing Waffatopia's waffles.

    Brian Polizzi
    Brian Polizzi Waffatopia
  • Social Fire Media literally saved my business from oblivion. We not only put away our going out of business sign, but are now opening new locations.

    Larry Goodman
    Larry Goodman Creation Station

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